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We Buy Houses

Simplest Home Sale with Highest Offer

Red Vulcan Investment Properties’ primary objective is to help homeowners sell their homes in the easiest way possible. We remove all obstacles and only require minimal assistance from the home owner. There are no repairs, closing costs. We can give you an “All Cash Offer” in less than 24 hours and it’s valid from 7 up to 30 days.Learn More

stop foreclosure

Stop Foreclosure

Red Vulcan Investment Properties, LLC can also help you “Prevent Foreclosure” by devising a solution that is beneficial to both parties. With the correct access to resources we can help relieve your burden of owning the home you are in now that may have became too expensive due to health, financial or other factors. GIVE US A CALL TO SEE HOW WE CAN HELP!Learn More


Probate / Divorce

The owners of Red Vulcan Investment Properties know that hard times fall on all of us at some point and the decision to dispose of personal items can become daunting. When you have dispose of assets it can become extremely difficult to deal with, that’s where we come in. We can help you dispose of several different assets via brokers who purchase personal items. Red Vulcan Investment Properties would like to assist you by purchasing your home and can close in as little as 10 days.Learn More

How We Buy Homes

RVIP has a competitive advantage and a long reach and we can buy almost any property within our criteria. Most investors have limits based on their investment goals or limited access to follow up on what they say. We Are Not Like Them! I have see investors promise to do something that they know that they can’t wait them out don’t budge if we come to an agreement we will buy it PERIOD!

Number 1: We have direct to funds that allow us to move quick.
Number 2: We make a short call and a short visit to the property.
Number 3: We will determine your homes value based on the visit and information you provide.
Number 4: We can make an offer in as little as 24 hours or less
Number 5: We can close within 5 days or less

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Contact us at 1-844-276-1327 or 704-216-4362 if you prefer to contact us via email please use